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35 most stylish rock stars in history

Check out our list of the 35 rockers who are the most snappy dressers and generally just godlike style icons. Who would you put on top of this pile?

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Top 35 albums of 2016

Check out our list of the top albums released in this most turbulent of years. Do you agree or disagree with our selection?

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35 knighted celebrities

The men in this list range from actors to rock stars to politicians to tech industry nerds, but they all have one thing in common – they were all knighted by the Queen of England!

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20 stars who were backup singers

The stars in this list weren’t always upfront and in the spotlight. They all worked as backup singers for others stars at some point.

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Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger are texting

Taylor Swift has become so close to Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger that the two have been exchanging texts. The 26-year-old superstar, who recently wrapped up her gigantic 1989 Tour, finally revealed how she convinced the 72-year-old rocker to

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