Donda 2 will be released only on Kanye’s stream

Kanye West's new album ‘Donda 2’ will be released only on his stream. (Photo: Instagram)
Kanye West’s new album ‘Donda 2’ will be released only on his stream. (Photo: Instagram)

Last Thursday (17), the rapper Kanye West made an announcement at Instagram that his new album ‘Donda 2’ will not be released at the usual digital platforms. It will be available only on his own platform named “Stem Player”. The player is already available online for $200. According to him the artists are not valued enough: “Today artists get just 12% of the money the industry makes. It’s time to free music from this oppressive system.” Kanye also said that 3000 new devices are being made per day, and more than 67000 are already available.

Recently he exposed some of his producers and managers on social media. He quit some of them ‘live’.  A new wave of his posts caused more buzz on the internet along with “Pete’s stuff”. He also promised that would stop promoting hate against Kim’s boyfriend. At this time he is focused on his album and promoting his device. 

The whole concept  is connected to his mother called Donda, and all the products are black. We expect nothing less than a great album, like all the others. The new album will be out tomorrow (22) at Stem Player.


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