Kim Kardashian denies that she photoshopped her belly

Kim Kardashian posted videos and photos on her social media to prove that she did not photoshopped her previous posts. Last Tuesday (26), the muse showed that she uses the resource only to join people together in the same photo. She used the example of her daughter’s post with her cousins. The original photo contained only one of them, and she made a montage so that they were all in the same post. 

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Kim also talked about her picture with Pete Davidson. Some fans accused her of changing a detail in her boyfriend’s face. She then showed that the photo in question was a live version taken on her cell phone, and that it would be impossible to retouch it in such a way. She even jokes: “That means he’s perfect even then”. She compared the photos used and concluded that the angles and expressions are different, which would clearly make the image different. 

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This isn’t the first time Kim has been accused of tampering with her photos. In general she denies and shows videos to prove it. This time she showed videos and invited everyone to try out her new Skims clothing line, as she attributed to the outfit the disappearance of her belly button in the photos. According to her, the fabric is of great quality and eventually hides it. 


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