Exclusive! “It’s fun and refreshing ‘not’ to carry guns and to solve conflicts with words not with bullets!” says Dolph Lundgren

Interviewed by Camila Alves, JETSS

Dolph Lundgren is most notably known for his role as Sylvestor Stallone’s rival Drago in Rocky IV, however since that breakout role he has gone on to achieve world class status as not only an actor but writer, director, producer and TV reality host.

He has reprised his role as Gunnar Jensen in ‘The Expendables 3’, which also stars heavy hitters Jason Statham, Mel Gibson, Jet Li, Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rocky IV nemesis Sylvestor Stallone.  The film is scheduled for release August 2014. Always the gentlemen, Lundgren is delicate and articulate when Jetss addressed the issue of re-casting Bruce Willis’ character with Harrison Ford, “Stallone and Willis had a disagreement and Ford was hired.”

Camila Alves from Jetss caught up with Dolph while shooting his TV series SAF3 (pronounced SAFE) on the exotic beaches of South Africa to learn a little more about the M.I.T. graduate, Guinness World Record holder, martial arts champion and lover of the female backside.

Camila Alves (Jetss) | You’re originally from Sweden, lived in many Countries, including Spain and the U.S., where do you call home and feel most comfortable?
Dolph Lundgren:  Good question. I like Los Angeles for work and the pulse, but also Marbella, Spain where I have a house and my youngest daughter lives. Sweden for my time there as a child and this is where my brothers and sisters live. I do like to travel and Thailand and Brazil are some of my favorite countries. I guess I’m a gypsy!

Camila Alves (Jetss) | Have you traveled much to Brazil, what is your favorite City?  Do you feel there is a distinct difference in the Latin culture in Spain vs. Brazil?
DL: I like Rio and also Paraty. I’ve spent some time in Buzios as well. There is a similarity between southern Spain and Brazil. The laid-back lifestyle and the warmth of the people.

Camila Alves (Jetss) | Your characters are mostly bad-ass tough guys; would you like to play a romantic lead, comedy, musical, a bit more light-hearted faire?  
DL:  I’m currently doing a series called ‘SAF3’ where I play more of classic good guy. It’s fun and refreshing not to carry and gun and solve conflicts with words, not with bullets!

Camila Alves (Jetss) | What are your thoughts on the cast change in ‘The Expendables 3’ from Bruce Willis to Harrison Ford? Can you share what prompted the cast change from what you know?
DL:  I only know that Stallone and Willis had a disagreement and Ford was hired. I like both guys both personally and as actors. I think Ford certainly brings a certain class and weight to the cast.

Camila Alves (Jetss) | There is A LOT of testosterone in this movie, in fact when you go to IMDB there is only one woman listed vs. fifteen men?  One would think it would be more interesting with a touch more estrogen J.  Do you include more “lead” roles for women in the films you produce?
DL:  Yes, I’m producing a picture in Thailand next year about human trafficking. There are some really good female characters in the script.

Camila Alves (Jetss) | You have multiple martial degrees, what are your thoughts on the HUGE takeover of MMA? Are you a fan and do you follow any fighters like Anderson Silva?
DL:  I like Silva, thinks he’s very entertaining to watch and has some true martial arts skills. Personally, I prefer traditional martial arts, which primarily aims at making the practitioners better human beings. Not just good fighters. Self-sacrifice, humility, discipline, respect and etiquette are very important parts of the martial arts. Sometimes when you bring money into the equation, some of these values are compromised.

Camila Alves (Jetss) | Tell us about your TV series SAF3 and any plans to air in BR?
DL: It is a rescue show, where I lead a team of fire fighters, life guards and emergency workers in their efforts to respond to accidents in the Malibu, California. I’m not sure when and where it will air in Brazil, probably early 2014!


If you weren’t an actor you’d be:  President and CEO of Exxon or karate instructor
Fav vacation spot: A tropical island with no people
Secret talent: Drums
Junk food binge: Cheesecake with whipped cream
Currently reading:  Just finished ‘Ulysses S. Grant, The man who saved the Union’
What is s fear or phobia: Not to be able to work out
Best words of advice: Never give up!
What do you find sexy in the opposite sex? Their behinds!

*Para a versão em Português da entrevista, clique aqui



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