JETSS EXCLUSIVE! Rebecca Da Costa stars with Robert De Niro and says being bullied helped her career

Interviewed by JETSS

I guess if you’re going to be a “lead” in a Hollywood movie you can’t go wrong playing opposite Robert De Niro, John Cusack and Crispin Glover.  Such is the case for the Brazilian import Rebecca Da Costa who plays Rivka in the upcoming feature ‘The Bag Man’, an action crime thriller.

This model turned actress explained to Jetss that she did not let that stigma stop her from getting what she wanted, a thriving acting career! This determined actress just wrapped another feature ‘The Breaking Edge’ starring with TV sexy guy Milo Ventimiglia.  As her resume grows so does her popularity which can bring a whole set drama off screen but Da Costa remains grounded by not getting caught up in the opinions of others, by practicing her meditation and by avoiding cockroaches!

Jetss: How was the transition from modeling to acting, as a beautiful Brazilian model were you taken seriously and was your accent ever an issue?
Rebecca Da Costa: The transition was fine. I was determined to make it happen in Hollywood. When I moved here, I didn’t do any auditions for 6 months while I was studying the craft of acting. When I was ready, my manager started to send me out. I’m sure people probably thought I was just another model trying to act, but that didn’t bother me, because I knew once the camera started rolling I could show my acting chops.
Regarding the accent yes sometimes it’s an issue. Some people find it charming and interesting. It’s vital to speak clearly and be understood. Some people are still nervous about hiring actors with accents. But that is changing and will get better soon hopefully, especially with the strong influence that Latin people have in the American culture nowadays and with Latin America being one of the biggest box offices for Hollywood movies in the world.

Jetss: A lot of the leading men in Hollywood are short and request shorter women. Since you’re 5’11 has that posed a challenge in casting?
Not at all. So far I’ve been lucky because all the actors who have played my love interest have been the same height or taller than me. John Cusack ‘The Bag Man’ is 1.87 and Milo Ventimiglia ‘Breaking at the Edge’ is 1.80.
At 13 years old, my height was already 1.80. As a teenager it was hard, I suffered bullying. Nowadays I’m so comfortable and I like my height so much that I think it works in my favor to book a role. I believe the world sees you the way you see yourself!

Jetss:  In your latest film The Bag Man you worked with some heavy hitters (Robert De Niro, John Cusack and Crispin Glover).  Tell us about the casting process for your role as Rivka and can you share any funny stories about these guys from behind the scenes?
I did one audition and then I was called back for a second time. Then I got a phone call from the producer saying that I got the part! I almost had a heart attack.
Behind the scenes was always fun but probably the most fun was when the director called “Action.” John loved to surprise me and do something different to what we rehearsed. That worked great and certainly the look of surprise on my face couldn’t be more natural as he so often surprised me. For me personally, the funniest part was a scene when I was semi-conscious lying on the bed. In rehearsal, he helped me up and walked me to the bathroom. When the cameras rolled he picked me up and carried me into the bathroom. I had such a shock at the same time I had to keep my eyes closed and a semi conscious look on my face. When we got into the bathroom and the director yelled cut, John was laughing so much he almost dropped me.

Jetss: As a smart beautiful woman in Hollywood, what are your feelings about the stigma women face on aging? Do you feel this pressure?
I think it’s really unfair that women feel pressured about something that’s just natural, it’s a part of life. I think it’s a society issue and unfortunately I doubt that will ever change.  The more connected you are to your true self and accept that aging is a beautiful part of the human evolution, the less you care about how society thinks you should look.

Jetss: You’re heavy into Transcendental Meditation, what are the stresses of the entertainment business you like to escape from?
RDC:  It’s a very draining business, you’re constantly being judged and face rejection pretty much every day, it’s a tough business with a lot of competition.  It’s essential that every day I take some time off to just be quiet and relax. And meditation gives me that.

Jetss:  Do you have any plans to work on projects in Brazil perhaps on one of the popular Globo soaps or Brazilian films?
RDC: I don’t have plans right now to work in Brazil. But I would love to do so in the future! I think we have extremely talented actors and directors that I would love to work with.  The Brazilian movie industry has grown immensely and why not Brazilian Soap operas… I’m just open to any projects that are interesting and well written.

Jetss:  What do see as the biggest “cultural” difference between living in the U.S. and Brazil?
RDC: I think the biggest culture difference is the people. People relate to each other here differently than how people do in Brazil. I think what I like most is the security that I feel here. If I stop at a red light in the evening in Hollywood I don’t need to be worried about being robbed or kidnapped. The thing that I miss the most is my family and the warmth that only we Brazilians have!

Actor/actress you’d most like to play opposite:  Daniel Day Lewis, Osmar Prado and Emma Thompson.
Secret talent: Great soccer player
Junk food binge: Cereal with condensed milk
Best words of advice: Deep inside we always know the truth. By my acting teacher Larry Moss
Fear or phobia: Cockroaches!
What do you find sexy in the opposite sex? His skin smelling fresh right after the shower!


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