JETSS Exclusive interview with Joshua Bowman: “Everything that goes around comes around,” stated the ‘Revenge’ star.

Joshua (Josh) Bowman plays a lead character ‘Daniel Grayson’ in one the most successful American Prime Time television series ‘Revenge’.  Bowman spoke with Jetss, during his first trip to Brazil.  Bowman was chosen to be the image of the fashion line John John.  John Foltran, Founder, stated Bowman was selected over many other artists because “He is a very nice young man, well liked in Brazil and it’s all about the brand image; he IS the face of John John.”

This being his first visit to Brazil, he landed in Sao Paulo and spoke with Jetss co-Founder Graziela Alves. Bowman practiced a few words in Portuguese by asking Alves, “Everything good?” His impression of the Country thus far was “the caipirinhas are very strong, lol, people are very pretty; they have beautiful souls and are very welcoming.” In addition to the people, he seems delighted with Brazilian cuisine. “I’m loving the food, I’ve have eaten steak, rice and palm and now I’m excited to visit Rio!”

When asked if he could ever display such revenge in his own life as the lead ‘Emily Thorne, he stated “It takes a lot of energy, I prefer to stay calm… everything that goes around comes around!”

Jetss asked in what direction he’d like to see his character move towards he said, “I would like him to go to the dark side and actually become a villain!”  And so would we!

*It’s been rumored that the actor has been dating Emily VanCamp who plays ‘Emily Thorne’ his nemesis.


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