JETSS TV | Exclusive coverage of The OSCARS 2014


Produced by JETSS

JETTS BR took on the challenge to cover the most elite red carpet in the world, the 2014 OSCARs using only the Apple iPhone 5S.

As the ‘official partner’ for the APPLE national campaign/project, Jetss’ staff captured exclusive footage of the massive Hollywood event at the prestigious Dolby Theater in Los Angeles equipped with only a phone; the result was nothing less than fabulous! Not noticing any less visual quality we captured over 1 million page views as we highlighted the events of the night as well as the new iPhone features.

To enhance the experience, our audience participated in an innovative and interactive contest to vote in real time on “best looks of the night”.  Viewers accessed exclusive blogs within our site, uploaded their own style videos, photos and ideas to be voted on by other viewers.

The participants worked with our own JetssTV contributors one-one with to edit and enhance their vision. Our panel was: Camila Alves (Entertainment) and Graziela Alves (Fashion). Our winner received the new iPhone 5S and judging by the huge participation let’s see what we come up with for OSCAR 2015.

Check out a preview of the exclusive coverage by JETSS for Apple Inc. (via iPhone 5S):



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