JetssTV | Interview – Alessandra Ambrosio

Camila Alves (JETSS co-founder) jetted to NYC to speak with one of the most famous angels of Victoria’s Secret, Alessandra Ambrosio. Ambrosio lives in the United States and has modeled for the brand for many years alongside the other Brazilian beauties.

Camila Alves interview Alessanra Ambrosio at the backstage of Victoria Sectret's Show in New York City (Photo: JETSS)
Camila Alves interview Alessanra Ambrosio at the backstage of Victoria Sectret’s Show in New York City (Photo: JETSS)

Ambrosio is the mother of two, Anja and Noah but you’d never know it as her body looked incredible in the various outfits; so much so that the audience gasped and applauded when she took the stage.  Wespoke about her beauty secrets, new projects and how she balances her hectic schedule with her family all while keeping a fit healthy body.

Check out our chat below:

JETSS | How do you prepare for a Victoria’s Secret show?
Alessandra Ambrosio: We think in time right?  My priority is my family, my children and I am always with them.  When it this time of year I know that the week before the parade I will be very busy, so I try to fix everything beforehand and leave things ready.

JETSS | Any beauty secrets or special preparation for the parade and what do you eat?
AA: Throughout the year I love to eat healthy, love to do yoga, Pilates and I love doing outdoor exercises. But, especially for the show, a few weeks before my workouts intensify with my Brazilian trainer; we work out every day with a mix of Pilates, TRX and bar.

I think it’s very important to sleep well, eight hours of sleep is very important. Always keep myself hydrated and I drink plenty of green juices, along with eating proteins and vegetables foods that give me energy.  Again, I work out a few weeks before the show, every day, no excuses (laughs). We all want to be ready for the big day

Last year, I had to get quickly get in shape for the parade because I had my son four months prior.  This year was different because I had to eat enough protein to keep the curves. Why if we start to work out very we ask all the curves, and the VS does want very fine, thin girls yes, but with some curves.

JETSS | Do you think the body image of the models  has changed over the years?
AA: Yes. 10 years ago, the girls of VS did not have the curves they have today, today the body has to be perfect!

JETSS | Can you talk a little about the brand of clothes you’re developing?
AA: It will be released the beginning of the next year. The collection is wonderful, I’m already starting to see all models, designs and colors … The collection is well in my style, it’s all inspired by my wardrobe things I like and things I’m using at the moment. I’m in love with every piece.

JETSS | Is it fun to have all the models of VS gathered in New York at the same time?
AA: Yes, it’s good fun! We gather here for a week and it’s great to see the girls because during the year we do not see each other so often. Here we find the news and catch up with each other lives. It is a very fun time; after all, it is the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show!

JETSS | When you see the new models in the parade, do you offer advice?
AA: VS paraded several new girls this year, 12 new models. It is very cute to
see how they observe us and they are excited to be the first on the catwalk. I remember the first time I paraded for Victoria’s Secret 12 years ago; I had no idea of ​​the scale of what was happening.



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