Matthew Hussey Profile | Author of the Bestseller ‘Get the Guy’ is the matchmaker extraordinaire but with a twist.

Find bellow the first part of Camila Alves (JETSS) exclusive interview with Matthew Hussey, author 'Get the Guy' (Photo: Stock)
Find bellow the first part of Camila Alves (JETSS) exclusive interview with Matthew Hussey, author ‘Get the Guy’ (Photo: Stock)

Interviewed by Camila Alves, JETSS

If you search the web for anything on finding love or a relationship, you will no doubt be immediately directed to Matthew Hussey. Matthew has been deemed one of the world’s experts on relationships. He has coached and interviewed thousands of men to get to the bottom of what it takes to “find, get, and keep the guy.”

He just released his first book Get the Guy and will serve as one of three matchmakers on the new reality-based tv show Ready For Love airing in the U.S. on March 26th. The show will follow the journey of three single men searching for their true love.

Find bellow the first part of Camila Alves (JETSS) exclusive interview;

Camila Alves (JETSS) | Matthew, I’m going to use something I learned from your ‘Get the Guy’ on-line series As a relationship coach, what have you NOT been asked that you think you should be asked? Can be anything, lol.
Matthew Hussey – Hmmm. I’ve not been asked what it’s like to go on a first date as a relationship coach in my position. The answer is this: Imagine that you’re nervous when you go on a first date because of what they might think of you…well when I go on a first date it’s not a first date – that person has already googled my name, and had 10 dates with me on YouTube. They already think they know me and I still know nothing about them. It’s hard to make a first impression on someone who’s already made up their mind about who you are.

Camila Alves (JETSS) | Your story of how you began by coaching 1 person at a Starbucks is brilliant. I understand you originally started coaching men and consulting with corporations (21 Convention and Impact). Why did you choose to focus on the female relationship market and segue from the male relationship market?
Matthew Hussey – I love women. The women in my family are my best friends – my mum, my aunt, my cousins. I was always a rock for my mum through hard times. It felt natural to help women and to be there for them, in whatever capacity I could.

Camila Alves (JETSS) | Do you have plans to make your material available in other languages, i.e., Portuguese?
Matthew Hussey – I would love to. We are thinking about having some of our products translated since the English versions are so popular. Ideally I’d learn three more languages to be able to do seminars in other countries, but alas, time is short!

Camila Alves (JETSS) | In your experience do feel your ‘Get the Guy’ approach will work for woman of all cultures or would it have to be tailored accordingly?
Matthew Hussey – Different cultures experience different types of men stereotypically. For example, Latino men in South America are less reserved as a general rule than English men. Women in Latin America therefore are used to men being more forward. But these are only generalizations. The different types of men and women still exist in all cultures so the techniques can work anywhere.


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