Jetss Interview | Chiara Ferragni – The Italian blogger behind ‘The Blonde Salad’

 Interviewed by JETSS

In 2009, a stylish student of International Law at Bocconi University in Milan, started posting “looks of the day” on the internet, which eventually became the phenomenon ‘The Blonde Salad’ considered one of the 10 most influential blogs in the world with more than 3,600,000 views per month. Her other blog platforms include (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) with more than 12 million hits per month. As if that were not enough, Chiara Ferragni recently created her own brand of luxury shoes which she herself designed as she travels around the world to honor the biggest fashion events and collaborates with Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Bottega Veneta brands, Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Mercedes-Benz and others.

One of the most popular figures on the internet, this Italian Icon has the life of a Hollywood star attending the hottest parties of the jet-set circuit and wearing the latest trends for each season.  Ferragni certainly has the Midas touch as she turns everything she puts her finger on to gold, but for this fashionista, she does not rely on brands, but in authenticity. The celebrity-blogger told Jetss she never imagined being a fashion reference for so many women around the world.

Check out the full interview:

Jetss: How did the idea of creating a blog come about?
Chiara Ferragni: After sharing my outfits on social networks ‘Lookbook’ and ‘Flickr’, I realized I needed a space just for me.

Jetss: What is the meaning behind the name “The Blonde Salad” (The Blonde Salad, in free translation)?
CF: My blog is like a salad with different ingredients. Why not just talk about fashion, also talk about travel, friends, is the salad of my life.

Jetss: With more than 100,000 visitors per day, as reported, TBS became a big deal. When you launched the blog, did you think it would be so successful?
CF: I did not know, I feel blessed and grateful to all of this. That’s incredible. People want my fashion advice as they want the advice of a close friend. They follow me and end up following my life and feel they are part of what I love, and I’m very grateful.

Jetss: What is the main difference between European and Brazilian fashion?
CF: Europeans are looking for younger, cheaper things. Of course I love European and American brands, but it is something we have always had access, for example, have a Chanel bag has a different meaning Europeans and Brazilians. For us it is legal for you is a desire! Brazilians love shopping  going to the mall in broad daylight. I feel that we Europeans are saving a lot because of the crisis, while Brazil does not stop growing …

Jetss: Have you ever thought about working as a model?
CF: I always liked the fashion world and found a career as a legal model, now, I also work as a model and, thanks to my blog; it is even more interesting.

Jetss: Have you ever imagined a benchmark of fashion for many women in the world?
CF: Never imagined. It’s wonderful. But be ‘fashion’ is not carrying a designer bag, use a pricey shoe. It is to be yourself, try to show a little of herself by dressing. You feel beautiful and good about herself, and that is more important than the opinion of others about you.

Jetss: In your opinion, can an outfit (look) influence the opinion of one person over another?
CF: I think that influences a little. The machine allows you to express yourself. But whether you’re in jeans, shirt, fancy dress, what matters is being comfortable and confident.

Jetss:  Would you like to send a special message to your JETSS fans?
CF: Beautiful, share the love!!!

Chiara’s Hot Favorites:
City: Los Angeles
Fashion Designer: Miuccia Prada
Restaurant: Taste of home cooking from my mother
Fashion Icon: Brigitte Bardot
Most recent purchase: Sandals Isabel Marant


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