JETSS Exclusive | Bella Falconi web sensation, is the ‘Muse of the ripped Abs’

Bella Falconi (Photo: JETSS)
Bella Falconi (Photo: JETSS)

Bella Falconi is known on the web as the “Muse of the ripped Abdomen.” With her massive media following she is redefining how people work their bodies and feed their souls. At only 5’2 and ll5 bls she mighty powerful. In between her workouts and fitness appearances Falconi shared some of her inspirational lifestyle tips with JETSS.

The ‘TELL ME’ method was based on her journey to a healthy way of living, she says…  “Motivation is like fire. When it catches, it spreads quickly.”

Jetss: What tip would you give to a sedentary person who wants to start leading a healthier life?
Bella Falconi: I’ve never had anyone convince me to drop the sedentary lifestyle and change my habits, even though these people knew how unhappy. I decided to post my photos to motivate myself. My suggestion much like I did, is to set goals and make the first move. Start small, stay with it and soon your habits will change and become second nature.

Jetss: Why do think this generation embraced a healthier lifestyle?
BF: I think that fitness became a trend much like fashion. People got the ‘fitness virus’ and it spread quickly which is so fantastic!  What use to be cool was smoking and gluttony and now the cool fashion is exercising and eating well. As well, people started posting their results on social media and encouraging one another.

Jetss: When was the moment you decided you wanted to change and become more healthy?
BF: Two years ago I decided to radically change how I treated my body. I watched a good friend who was into competitive fitness train for a competition. I became really curious and asking a lot of questions about her regimen and diet.  The very next day I made a decision to begin training, eat right and I never looked back.

Jetss: How do you deal with criticism of your tough workout videos?
BF: Haha!  I got used it and basically ignore, what else can I do. I love myself like I’ve never loved before. I realized that self-esteem and self-love have opened many doors in my life, professionally and personally. I turned into a stronger human being and found peace. I’m happy!

Jetss: What do you consider the most important ‘element’ essential?
BF: Water! Water is key, I started drinking 1 gallon per day (are almost 4 liters), my body felt completely different.

Jetss: What is the secret to getting those abs?
BF: Food is the biggest secret. I say 70% diet and 30% abdominal exercise.  Stay away from canned, processed, industrialized and GMO laced foods. Sodium is the enemy so again water is essential.


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