Margot Robbie talks to JETSS about combining power and femininity in her roles

Margot Robbie talks to JETSS about latest projects (Photo: JETSS/Courtesy)
Margot Robbie talks to JETSS about latest projects (Photo: JETSS/Courtesy)

Margot Robbie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ beauty is enjoying the sort of success any young actress could ever hope to dream.  With the blockbuster (Wolf) behind her and another (FOCUS) before for, it appears dreams do come true in Hollywood. In case readers didn’t know (Wolf), was the “highest grossing” film for famed director Martin Scorsese and was nominated for five Academy Awards. Not a bad intro into Hollywood for this young actress.

Robbie now stars opposite Will Smith giving another sassy, strong performance as Smith’s eager protégée in the dark romantic comedy ‘FOCUS’. The Aussie star reveals in this exclusive interview with JETSS some of her insights and personal preferences when selecting her projects.

In her next project she is confirmed to play Harley Quinn the heroine/super-villianess in the DC Comics ‘Suicide Squad’ due out in 2016.

JETSS: What in particular enticed you about this script and this character?
Margot Robbie: Getting a script with this type of projection and character arc is rare. To start in one place and end up in a completely differently place is a fun ride. From her attitude, her confidence, even her clothes was a complete transformation.  In fact, she almost has a whole new personality and that is an actor’s dream.  I was really happy I got to play someone like her.

JETSS: What was your reaction when you found out you’d be playing opposite Will Smith?
MR: Well to be honest, I didn’t think for a second I would be seriously considered.  I didn’t think anyone would buy us as a couple. But, thank god at the audition in New York we hit it off and had immediate chemistry; there was a lot of fun banter.  Will is such a kind, generous man with everything he has.  Even when he’s tired he gives you energy; he’s a really, really good person.

JETSS:  I’m sure playing a con was fun. Did you learn any techniques you’ll incorporate in your own life?
Do you mean will I be stealing from people [Laughs]?  Yes, I learned how people leave themselves open and vulnerable and how simple it is to distract someone and steal their stuff.  I feel compelled to tell everyone they need to secure their belongings.  I know I’m much more aware of my surroundings.

JETSS:  What word would you choose to describe the roles you prefer?
MR: The characters I play must have power. In ‘Wolf’ I was the best player among a group of all male gamblers [Laughs]. I don’t think women should put themselves in a box and not allow themselves to express their power. We women have amazing tools and they should be used efficiently. Knowing how to exercise our femininity without becoming sexual objects can work in our favor. We just need to identify what we are good at and go after our goals.  This goes for women and men.

JETSS – You’ve played powerful, yet feminine characters, what criteria do you look for when selecting your roles?
MR: I always choose my work thinking of a few things. Firstly, if it’s a well-written script with a well-developed character. I have read many great scripts I’ve had to turn down because the character simply has no substance. Secondly, are the filmmakers involved people I want to work with; this is not always the case.  I like strong, compelling roles!

JETSS – What qualities do you feel define sexy?
MR:  I think it’s important to trust yourself and have confidence! Knowing what “you” want out of life, not what others expect from you, that’s sexy to me!  If you believe in yourself then others will also believe in you.


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