Exclusive | What’s it like to work with Joe Manganiello?

Interviewed by JETSS

Actress Caroline Correa is not just a pretty face…she can also kick your butt!  She dishes with JETSS on her time “well-spent” with Joe Manganiello in Madrid, Spain.

Correa has worked with many familiar faces in Hollywood. ‘Star Wars: Episode III’ starring Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson and Ewan McGregor; in ‘Stealth’ alongside Jessica Biel, Josh Lucas and Jamie Foxx, then in one of the biggest Hollywood franchise films, ‘The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift’.

However, one of the highlights of Correa’s career came when she signed on to do several spots for an international “top-secret” commercial. In the “Bond-esc” spots she stars opposite ‘Magic Mike’, ‘True Blood’ and now the leading man in Sofia Vergara’s life actor Joe Manganiello.

JETSS: As much as you can give away, explain the story behind these adventurous spots.
Caroline Correa:  I wish I could tell you more about the ”Special Project” but I am sworn to secrecy…what I can tell you is that it’s sexy, fun, full of adventure, mystery and intrigue.  You’ll be surprised so it’s worth the wait.

JETSS: Was it completely miserable working with Manganiello?
CC:  What could be miserable about working with a hot dancer/werewolf who’s engaged to the stunning Ms. Vergara?  Joe was amazing to work with; very professional, generous and so much fun. We hung out a lot.  I had been a fan of ‘True Blood’ so when I found out I would be working with one of my favorite characters on the show I was stunned and delighted.  And I’ll admit Joe is even more handsome in person.

JETSS: Did Joe speak about his lovely bride to be?
CC:  No but he definitely had a glow about him [laughs].

JETSS: Is it true you did your own stunts; any injuries?
CC: Yes, it’s true!  The director Jon Cassar asked me the first day of filming if I was comfortable doing a few stunts.  I gladly jumped at the chance; I love a challenge and of course working next to Manganiello, a 6’ something giant, I felt really safe.  The crew was all super professional and knew what they were doing.


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