EXCLUSIVE | Bill Clinton and FHC receive ‘Person of the Year’ in NYC

The 42nd former President Bill Clinton attended the ‘Person of the Year’ dinner last night in New York City hosted by the ‘Brazilian American Chambers of Commerce’ at the Waldorf Astoria and JETSS was there to capture it all.

There were 1,100 invitees in attendance and excitedly cheered for Clinton and former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique (FHC) as they took the stage.  In his speech, former President Fernando Henrique said that the honor could not have come at a more significant time, “after so many years since I left the Presidency and now that Brazil is going through such difficult times, the tribute has such a deep meaning for us all.”

Clinton and Henrique exchanged embraces and respectfully praised one another. Clinton recalled the time he met Henrique saying…”it was like yesterday” that he and wife Hillary Clinton visited Brazil and were so kindly hosted by Henrique and his wife Ruth Henrique.  Clinton, “And now, here we are, in the future; Fernando Henrique always be my partner.” He also stated the need for a new global architecture “and fellowship between the presidents of the United States and Brazil.

The Keynote speakers were Luiz Furlan and Nizan Guanaes. Nizan received a standing ovation when he expressed how he missed both the politicians as Presidents.  Some of the attendees to honor Henrique were Governor Geraldo Alckmin; Senator Aécio Neves and his wife Leticia Weber, Senator José Serra, the Governor of Goiás Marconi Perillo, and entrepreneurs; André Esteves (BTG Pactual), Luiz Carlos Trabuco (Bradesco) and Antonio Camarotti (Forbes Brazil).

The event closed with the tune of ‘New York, New York’ by Frank Sinatra and everyone sang along as best they could with their lovely Portuguese accents.

Directly after the event Clinton dashed over to ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ where he joked with Letterman about returning to the White House and about Hillary being the next President stating“It would be a good thing for America if she wins, I hope she does!”


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