Exclusive | ‘Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant’ author Veronica Roth

Interviewed by Luiza Florence

Veronica Roth is best known for her trilogy of novels: Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant [2016] and has been compared to the fabulous J.K. Rowling.  But make no mistake; this young writer has her own style and flair for storytelling as she seems to touch the souls of teenagers world-wide.

Roth wrote her first book, Divergent, while on winter break in her senior year at Northwestern University. Her career quickly took off with the success of that first novel and she’s not stopped since, until today, when she spent time with JETSS discussing the latest installment and blockbuster film ‘Insurgent’ and what she hopes to happen in ‘Allegiant’ set to release in 2016.

JETSS:  What about this movie is so relatable to teenagers?
Veronica Roth:  I think what Tris [Shailene Woodley] is going thru in Insurgent is something that a lot of young women go thru which is learning to accept the person they are and to be more compassionate towards themselves. It’s a bit of a darker movie than Divergent, but I think it’s really important especially for young women; it’s hard just to be okay with yourself at that age.  Seeing Tris do it in a more exaggerated way is really powerful for me and hopefully for them.

JETSS: What are the major differences between Divergent and Insurgent?
Divergent has a more a traditional coming of age arc. Like, girl sets out on her own and figures out whom she wants to be. Insurgent is her growing up and figuring out “how to be in the world” and how big the world actually is. Insurgent has much higher action; it’s more tense, more about growing relationships and things becoming more complicated.

  Obviously when you write you have an idea of the characters you want, can you tell us if the actors met your expectations?
VR:   Well Miles is really funny, he’s an incredibly talented dramatic actor but he also has such wonderful comedic timing, and so does Theo. I laughed at Theo’s lines the most, he was just spot on.  And of course Shailene is a really great actress; she’s able to communicate several things at once with just one expression which makes her so compelling to watch, and she’s such a sweetheart.

JETSS: What can we look forward to in the next installment of the series Allegiant?
VR:  I don’t exactly know where they are going to split the next installments but I think it will be exciting to see the roles of Evelyn and Johanna expanded because right now they are a little mysterious.  And, hopefully we get to see what’s outside the city.



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