Exclusive | Kim Kardashian on her one regret and her new Brazilian line of clothing…

Interviewed by Graziela Alves (JETSS – Co-founder)

Kim Kardashian arrived in São Paulo, Brazil on Sunday and today, the social-media mogul spoke with JETSS about her clothing line ‘Kim Kardashian West for C&A’ that she’s created exclusively for the Brazilian department store C&A. During this interview she also revealed the one thing she wishes she had more of from her late father, Attorney Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003.

Kardashian who is happily married to rapper-businessman Kanye West looked chic and sophisticated wearing an outfit from her collection to mark the launch of her new brand. She recently launched her book ‘Selfish’, which contains 352 pages of (Kanye West approved) selfies spanning several years. The book sold out in “one-minute.”

JETSS: When was the last time you were in Brazil and what were your feelings?
Kim Kardashian: I fell in love with Brazil. The last time I came here I was pregnant and did not fit in any of the beautiful fashion here. When I looked at these beautiful women I felt like crying because I wanted to wear the clothes, so I came again but this time looking more like myself.

JETSS: Regarding your new clothing line do you approve every detail?
KK: Yes, I wear all the clothes so I know what works and doesn’t. My line highlights curves because I know what girls with curves like to wear. We chose flexible fabrics and some fun prints. In fact, one of my favorite outfits is the one I am wearing now.

JETSS: How do you feel about being considered a “Fashion Icon?”
KK: My husband took me to Paris a few years ago and introduced me to several designers and I loved it and I learned a lot so I feel qualified. I think fashion and life go hand-in-hand and it’s always on my mind. I take clothes, makeup and hair very seriously. It’s a part of my business and I do not think its “only vanity.” I am a little obsessed; I even remember what I wore in Paris; leather leggings and a Stella McCartney jacket. I always remember what I wear, how I wear my makeup and my hair [laughs].

JETSS: When you leave home, are you concerned about being photographed and looking great, and do you have a ritual?
KK: I’d be lying if I said I did not spend time getting dressed. I always have to adjust my outfits because my waist is small and I’m short … In the past, I didn’t care so much but I looked strange in the paparazzi photos. Now I take a photograph before I leave. I started doing this when I was pregnant because I was very big and people made fun of me.

JETSS: Are there any selfies you don’t have in ‘Selfish’ that you wish you did?
KK: It’s silly but I love taking selfies with my daughter and my grandmother. I like to have memories. If I could, I would have taken more photos with my father. I wish I had more of him.


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