Exclusive | ‘The face of Ralph Lauren’, Valentina Zelyaeva shares her lifestyle secrets


Jetss interview longtime Ralph Lauren muse Valentina Zelyaeva (Photo: JETSS)/Courtesy)
Jetss interview longtime Ralph Lauren muse Valentina Zelyaeva (Photo: JETSS)/Courtesy)

When you are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world not to mention ‘the face of Ralph Lauren’, it becomes a full-time job to keep yourself looking radiant and healthy at all times.

Top model Valentina Zelyaeva reveals to JETSS exclusively her beauty tips & tricks for glowing, healthy skin. She says, “Every day after training, I do dry exfoliation, which is an excellent lymphatic massage to help remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation.”  Valentina has such a passion for health and beauty she is considering opening her own spa.  In the meantime, you can enjoy Zelyaeva’s the daily routine including her favorite juice recipes on her blog site: http://blog.valzelyaeva.com

JETSS: You are very into juicing and a healthy lifestyle. How did this become such a passion?
Valentina Zelyaeva: I’ve was modeling 4-5 years before I discovered healthy nutrition. I read a book about raw food and it intrigued me and I started researching like crazy. I bought a juicer and a blender next day. I soon started soaking nuts and seeds and making my own almond milk and green juices. I immediately saw results in my appearance – clear skin, more energy and toned body. After that I thought that everyone should know about this healthy lifestyle so I opened my blog and started to share beauty secrets, recipes and my daily life.  My readers tell me I inspire them and that’s what keeps me motivated and keeps me sharing with everybody.

JETSS: What is your daily skin care routine? 
VZ: Every night before I go to bed I clean my face very well. I use gentle cleanser such as Ecco Bella Natural Cleansing Milk makeup Remover. I apply it all over my face and massage it using my fingers. Then I use face cloth to remove it. Spray with Evian water and then apply serum or night cream. ‘Tip: I try not to use tap water on face because its very harsh.’ Once a week I use argon oil. In the morning I just spray my face with Evian water, wipe it with cotton and then I apply day cream following by sunscreen. Once a month I go to professional facialist for a deep cleaning and extract vitamin boost for my skin. I drink 2-3 liters of water daily. I eat lots of fruits and drink vegetable juices. I love getting massages or some kind body treatments. I exercise daily, something that makes me sweat a lot. I always go to dry or infrared saunas. All this helps my skin detoxify and renew itself.

JETSS: What are your thoughts on exercise? 
VZ: Exercises is a must! I like to mix my routine: personal training, pilates, yoga, running, cycling. I do it all! I do dry brushing every day after work out. It helps to remove dead skin cells, helps with blood circulation and its an excellent lymph massage. After I finish taking shower I take ice cold shower. It helps to tone my skin. Then I apply coconut oil.

JETSS: Please give us a one of your favorite juice recipes:
VZ: One of the most basic juice that I never get tired of is this one:
1 cucumber, 2 green apples, 1 lemon, handful of mint and couple of kale leaves. Perfection!

JETSS: What are your plans after modeling?
VZ: Its hard to say, I don’t even know what I am doing next week [laughs]. But I really enjoy healthy food, recipes, photography, traveling and I love blogging. So maybe I will combine all these and come up with a book or a health café or website or spa… who knows!

JETSS: In your opinion, why are Brazilian and Russian models a reference for beauty?
VZ: I think that Russia is famous for its models with symmetrical facial features, pale skin, big blue eyes and long hair. Its pretty much cold all year round in Russia, you don’t get much sun so Russian models are famous for their beautiful skin. Brazil is country where lots of different races are mixed. Brazilian models are usually very exotic looking with tanned skin and gorgeous body, they are on the beach since they are born, so I love how Brazilians are very comfortable with their bodies.


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