JETSS TV Beauty Secrets | 5 Steps To ‘Eva Mendes’ Sexy Look

Known as the ‘Eva Mendes’ look-alike, international supermodel and mother of two, Annelyse Schoenberger shares with JETSS how she balances motherhood and stays runway perfect with the help of makeup artist Carla Tootles.

A mother at 19, Schoenberger spoke about the difficulties balancing being the mother of two, and her insanely busy life as an international top model. When traveling she says it’s not easy to leave her children; Nicolas now five and Benji only 6 months. She says…“At first it was very difficult being away from them. These days, I try to bring them with me everywhere I go.  If that is not possible, I make it a rule to not be away from home more than three days and then we Skype every day. It’s not always the best scenario but I do the best I can.”

One of the secrets that got Schoenberger back to the bikini and lingerie modeling circuit so quickly was breastfeeding. “Breastfeeding helped a lot!  I also followed a very strict diet and dedicated myself to the gym every day with a personal trainer.  I do have to say that as I child I was always very skinny so I have genetics to thank for that.”  

Schoenberger shows us the steps [inspired by Eva Mendes] to achieve that flawless, sexy look:

Step 1:  Apply foundation all over the face. If you don’t have a foundation brush, you can use your fingers. Use a light base and remember for daytime you only need to use a small amount of product.

Step 2:  Apply the plum shade in the hollow of the eyelids. Use a black eye shadow very close to the lash line.

Step 3:  With the same brush and shadow color (black and plum) Blur out into the lower part of the eyes.

Step 4:  Apply the green metal shade in the hollow of the eyes. Highlight under the eyes with a little concealer. Apply mascara.

Step 5:  With a plum lipstick color, apply a little of the product in the center of the mouth spreading gently to the ends.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial on JETSS TV below:



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