Eva Longoria learns from Buffett on business success


Interviewed by JETSS

If you’re speaking about Eva Longoria, the phrase “good things come in small packages”, needs an edit to say, “GREAT things come in small packages.” With a passion for the people and multiple projects in progress, and we mean multiple projects, Longoria makes multi-tasking look easy.

Longoria recently launched her new home line in ‘JC Penney’ – “I was definitely inspired a lot by Spanish tiles because they have such a unique pattern and when you scale them up to a bigger size and put them on bedding, they’re beautiful,” adding, the collection represents the way in which she styles her own house.

As Longoria was rushing around Los Angeles catching up on her many errands while figuring out her new electric car, the Tesla, she was kind enough to spend time with JETSS and chat about her business and life philosophy; one thing she fears, and one thing she’s discovered she’s really good at. Get to know a bit more about the entrepreneur, actress, director, producer, writer, political advocate, philanthropist and citizen of the world.

Jetss | Who’s given you the best “business” advice and what did they say?
Eva Longoria:  Howard Buffett (eldest son of Billionaire investor Warren Buffett), has given me a lot of business advice daily, but I’d call it more “life” advice. And that is, to have empathy and compassion for the world.  I feel you have to apply those same principles to every aspect of your life, business, relationships and family, not just work.  When I do my charity work I get excited when I see the sponsors like AT&T and L’Oreal take corporate responsibility seriously and give back to the people who buy their products.

Jetss | Richard Branson said “the ability to bounce back after a setback is the most important trait an entrepreneur can possess”. What do you think are the most useful character traits for entrepreneurs to possess?
EL:  I think you have to be born with or inherit some sort of ambition and drive.  I think that’s the one thing you cannot learn.  I’ve met so many amazing talented people who could be ruling the world or at least the market in which they’re in; and they don’t because they don’t have that innate hunger to dominate their field or market.  I think what Branson says is absolutely true! You learn so much from failure and every time I fall down I go, ‘oh, okay, there’s a stumbling block I’m going to avoid next time’ and every time I’ve stumbled I’ve grown as a human being which contributes to all of my businesses. The qualities entrepreneurs have, is that innate, natural aspiration to want to accomplish A LOT and do A LOT!

Jetss | With all things being equal, when having to make that critical “final” decision, would you say is based mostly on facts or feelings?
EL:  I usually base it on the facts because a lot of times my feelings have miss-lead me (laughing), it’s because… I invest in people.  I might have a “feeling” that this person is a great person or I have a “feeling” this is a great idea but I still do research and data.  Fact checking you have to do in business to make sure it’s viable much less successful.

Jetss | Your campaigning for President Obama was instrumental in getting him the Hispanic vote. What was it about “him” you felt would support the Latino community?
EL:  This past election was historic for the Latino community when you have a 7 to 1 ratio between candidates. There was one only candidate speaking to the issues of the Latino community and that was President Obama. He showed us time and time again he cares about our issues which are American issues.

Jetss | Do you have any interest in running for any political office? 
EL: No I do not. I think the powerful position in politics is being a citizen.

Jetss | You’re considered one of Hollywood’s beauties, what are your die-hard, never gonna miss, ever tips for staying so HOT?
EL: Oh gosh, there’s a lot of stuff I have to do all the time like hair color, facials, eyebrows, I run, yoga, shakes, vitamins, eat well, there’s just so much! When I travel I continue to run, workout, eat well and when I’m home here in LA I do my tune-ups.

Jetss | Can you share what projects you’re working on for 2014?
EL: I’ve been producing a lot and my production company has eight (8) TV projects in development across the various networks and I’m directing the first episode of ‘Devious Maids’ (airs on Lifetime), the show I produce. I love being behind the camera and I love having more control over the final product, as the producer and director you’re the boss. It’s been a lot of fun and it feels more natural to me; turns out, I’m really good at telling people what to do.

Jetss | What has been the hardest life lesson for you to “finally” learn?
EL:  To make yourself happy! In this industry the dynamic is that you need people to “like you”; to watch your films, to watch your TV shows to buy your products. Sometimes we tend to focus so much on caring about public opinion, but at some point in your life you have to let that go because that’s just not a healthy way to live. It’s constantly living for someone else, which is where I am now. Doing what I want to do for me, what makes me happy and what really fulfills my soul.

Who is the most famous person in your phone?  Victoria Beckham
Secret talent: I sew
Junk food binge: A tie between pizza and Mexican food
What is your fear or phobia:  Ignorance
What do you find sexy in the opposite sex? Intelligence
Where do you do your best thinking? When I’m running


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