Gisele Bündchen for Chanel No 5: The Film

After a few days of teasers, check out the full film for Chanel No. 5 starring Gisele Bundchen. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, the three-minute video is set to a re-record of John Farrar hit The One That I Want – originally written for the musical Grease – performed by classically trained singer-songwriter Lo-Fang.

In the film, the brazilian supermodel goes surfing on a Chanel board while Michiel Huisman (“Games of Thrones”) stares at her from a beach house. It tells a story of love lost and then dramatically found again.

“The Chanel woman can be with herself on a beach, can be with her child, can have an aspirational and fulfilling work life, and at the same time she can have a true relationship; she can have romance,” says Luhrmann. “And in the end, the Chanel woman chooses love.”


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