5 worst fashion trends of 2015

Have you ever started a year with loads of healthy New Year’s resolutions about getting in shape, clearing out old, ratty clothes and looking good in the coming year?

So did these folks, but in 2015 they let themselves down miserably and will have to do better in 2016. But first, let’s review the five worst fashion trends we regret in 2015.

1. The #hangovermakeup trend
There is absolutely no doubt that this one actually started the night after New Year’s Eve in 2015. Someone got up on 1 January, regretted things and then accidently posted a hangover selfie with a tragic hashtag that will, upon further research, make you want to go straight back to the champagne bottles.

2. The #glitterbeard trend
Who can resist a sexy, manly beard on a sexy, manly man? Probably no one, but everyone can resist the abomination of bling that is the glitterbeard on these guys. It is unclear how this even became a thing, but one could guess that these guys wanted to look like they stapled Christmas decorations to their chins.

3. The #clumpymascara trend
Even major cosmetic brands got on board with this one, but it might actually be a devious ploy to sell defective products, because this trend makes your eyes look like they haven’t washed their hair since the office Christmas party last month.

4. The #goldleafhair trend
The gold leaf hair trend really proved all that is gold does not necessarily glitter…or something like that. This one is good for when you want to look like your hair is travelling through space at incredible speeds or if you want to roast your head in the oven like a potato.

5. The #wearabletech trend
It is always a good move for inventors, scientists and tech geeks to follow the good taste and aesthetics of fashion trendsetters to make their products more appealing. However, fashion should never follow the style advice of inventors, scientists and tech geeks unless you have a deep desire to look like a helicopter pilot or call centre operator all the time.


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