Say What You Will, These North Korean Ladies Know How To Dress For A Ceremony

The World Championships of Ice Hockey kicked off in March, causing a Twitter firestorm as the tournament made major political news. The United States men and women were threatening to boycott the Olympic hockey cycle until the women’s team was fairly repudiated by their Federation – a stare-down the players won.

But the other Twitter hit of the competition so far is the unexpected knock-out fashion of the female skaters from North Korea. Arriving at the airport for opening festivities, the women are caught on camera adorned in elegant black and white with sharp matching jackets, silky nylons and shoes that cut. The athletes’ hair is almost uniformly dark and straight with just a few snuck-in brownish highlights here and there.

True to form for representatives of a communist country, even the suitcases match! Scroll the gallery for the DPRK ladies team’s viral images.


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