25 Celebrities Who’ve Rocked The Pastel Color Hair Trend

Some of the craziest trends are usually find on the runways. The most unconventional outfits and extravagant hair do’s are a must in events such as the New York, Paris, or Milan Fashion Week.

Nevertheless, every now and then, some of these crazy styles make their way out of the runway to the red carpet. Lately, one of the trends that has united Hollywood is the technicolor strands. It is no surprise seeing stars like Katy Perry or Kylie Jenner rocking every color on the rainbow. But even celebrities who are usually loyal to a more natural look, like Gigi Hadid and January Jones, have sweetened their heads with a touch of cotton-candy colors.

Even some male-stars have been trying the unicorn trend!

If you too are tired of the same old natural hairstyle, take a look at these 25 celebrities who have owned the unicorn trend with crazy pastel color hairs.


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