Top 12 Most Iconic Fashion Pieces In History

Fashion trends come and go. What today is a total hit, tomorrow could be an atrocity.

We are all guilty of having on or two pieces—more like a dozen—buried in our closets, accumulating dust and using hoarding valuable space, just because they are no longer “fashionable”.

But unlike any other piece you could find at a fast fashion piece, there is a handful of items that are so iconic, that they have passed the test of time.

Don’t get us wrong, these aren’t pieces that you would necessarily wear on your everyday. But they certainly have become fashion references since they were first seen on a movie, a red carpet, a music video, or a magazine cover.

We are talking about fashion pieces that are so iconic, that they’ve become even more famous than the celebrities who wore them.

And although you can’t find these pieces in your nearest H&M or Forever 21, you can enjoy them in our photo gallery above. Check out the top 12 most iconic fashion pieces in history.


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