Donald Trump’s 10 Worst Fashion Mistakes

Donald Trump, now 45th president of the United States, may have his own signature menswear line (go figure!), but that doesn’t mean he knows the first thing about fashion.

And he clearly doesn’t.

When it comes to his personal fashion choices, he basically has one and only one outfit: his traditional power suits accented by enthusiastic ties. And while he hasn’t been seen wearing much other than the above, he still manages to make poor—very poor—style choices.

We are well aware the president has more important things to do than worry about his outfits—say build a wall, destroy healthcare, or travel to his private golf club in Florida. But when you are the face of the American people, when your predecessors are Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy, and—most importantly— when you are being photographed next to presidential fashion icons Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, you are certainly expected to look a little more dignified.

Look, we are not asking for much! But some of Donald Trumps’ fashion choices are simply atrocious. Don’t believe us? Check out our photo gallery above to see Donald Trump’s constant and offensive mistakes in men’s fashion.


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