Birthday Special: Bella Hadid 25 Best Street Style Looks

Bella Hadid is not only one of the biggest style icons of the fashion industry and in every important catwalk around the globe; the young model is also the queen of cool when she’s out and about casually walking around the streets of Paris, London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Bella’s street style is worthy of the absolute greatest models of the 90’s. Whether she’s wearing something as chill—yet exclusive—as a tracksuit and sneakers, or the most avant-garde outfits paired with stilettos, the youngest Hadid sister pulls off each and every look.

Bella Hadid celebrates her 21st birthday today, and we join her with a compilation of 25 of her best street style looks in 2017. Click through our photo gallery above to gain some divine inspiration directly from one of today’s fashion goddesses.


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