Birthday Special: Bella Thorne’s Last Year’s Hair Evolution In 25 Pictures

Bella Thorne turns 20 today. And although she’s still a year from being able to drink legally, she’s already had as many makeovers as Madonna herself throughout her entire career.

While she’s one of our favorite gingers in the industry, Bella’s constant-changing hair colors are as fleeting as her summer fling with the self-proclaimed Lord, Mr. Scott Disick (who allegedly is the boyfriend of Sofia Richie, who was the girlfriend of Justin Bieber, who is said has been with Kourtney Kardashian, who was Scott Disick’s girlfriend… what a tongue twister!).

So, if our calculations are correct, with the help of many discolorations, dyes, a little glitter, and a couple wigs, the young Famous in Love actress had up to 25 different hairstyles since the last time she celebrated her birthday.

And here they are.

Click through our photo gallery above to see Bella Thorne’s changing hair in the lapse of one year. Happy birthday!


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