Birthday Special: Emma Stone’s Best Red Carpet Looks Of 2017

2017 has been a good year for the beautiful Emma Stone!

Not only did she star in the critically-acclaimed film “La La Land” next to Ryan Gosling, but she also won her first ever BAFTA, Golden Globe, SAGA, and Academy award for Best Actress due to her truly outstanding performance in the beloved musical.

On top of that, Emma is currently promoting the sports drama “Battle of the Sexes”, where she plays tennis champion Billie Jean King, and for which she’s—yet again—being praised by the critics.

So, between “La La Land” and “Battle of the Sexes”, Emma has certainly become a fashion staple of this year’s red carpets! And just like her acting, she’s nailed it every single time.

Celebrating her 29th birthday, here are Emma Stone’s best red carpet looks of 2017.


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