Birthday Special: Josh Peck’s Style Transformation

Some things haven’t changed since the ending of the 2000’s Nickelodeon hit show Drake and Josh, like Josh’s goofy sense of humor or his friendship with Drake Bell (sort of). But when it comes to Peck’s physic—well, it’s gonna take you some time to realize that he’s the same person you once saw on TV as the chubby, geeky brother.

Josh is on top of the list of celebrities who have taken a page out of Harry Potter and Neville Longbottomed during their careers—a.k.a. gotten hotter with age. Not only did he completely transformed himself into a buff stud, but he’s also found a way to a chic, yet still chill, fashion style.

And we absolutely love it!

Celebrating his 31st birthday—man! I feel old—let’s take a look back and see Josh Peck’s style transformation over the years.


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