Raven Symoné’s Whooping Hair Evolution In 19 Pictures

Move over, Bella Thorne! Raven Symoné is the one true queen of colorful hair!

We were used to Raven’s ever-so-edgy fashion style in That’s So Raven. But nothing compares to her drastic, fierce, and fun hair do’s and color choices.

If there’s one thing that hasn’t change since her Disney-girl days (and surely, that’s not her hair!), is her ability to look into the future—because man, does this girl knows what the hottest hair trends are way before they’re cool!

And before you say anything—yes, we’re well aware that many of these are wigs and fake hair pieces. But still—would you dare to wear big curly neon pink hair for even just a day? Yeah, I don’t think so!

Celebrating Raven’s 32nd birthday, here’s look back to her whooping hair evolution in 19 pictures!


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