15 Celebrities Who Will Make You Want To Try The Hat Trend!

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror before leaving the house and felt like your outfit is missing something?  May we suggest trying a hat?

From the French-inspired beret to your dad’s favorite baseball hat, actresses, singers, and models are all topping their already ultra-chic outfits with a stylish hat, making it the hottest accessory of the moment.

Perhaps it is because you want to stand out, maybe you want to look more chic and pulled together, or simply because wearing one is way easier than styling your hair. Whatever it is, hats are making a comeback—and we’re here for it!

Celebrating National Hat Day, from the Hadid sisters, to Lady Gaga, to Jane Fonda, here are 15 celebrities who sure love a good hat. Check out our photo gallery above to learn how to jump into the hat-trend bandwagon!


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