The 15 Hottest Male Models Who Are Dominating Social Media

Back in the 90’s, designers and fashion editors had the power to take a model and turn her into a super model. Today, it is up to social media platforms (more precisely, Instagram) to guide the next big names. Hence the term instagirls, popular models dominating the fashion world as well as the social media scene.

Cara Delevinge and Karlie Kloss, who you probably already follow on Instagram and Twitter, are just a couple of today’s so-called instagirls. But as the role of social media continues to grow in the world of fashion, male models are too getting the recognition that they deserve on these platforms.

Your Instagram feed has enough it girls’ posts! What you need is more beards, six packs, and genetically blessed testosterone! Click through our photo gallery above to see the hottest men in the runway and major magazine covers with the best social media game—a.k.a the instaboys.

Think of them as the male versions of Gigi, Bella and Kendall!



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