Golden Globes 2018 Fashion Rulebreakers: 15 Stars Who Skipped The All-Black Dress Code and More

  • Not everyone joined the Golden Globes 2018 blackout. Check out all of the fashion rulebreakers at last night’s red carpet. (Photo: WENN)

  • German model-actress Barbara Meier took to Instagram to address her decision to wear a colorful-gown. “We should not have to wear black to be taken serious. Us women should shine, be colorful and sparkle. Just like it is our nature. In my opinion this symbolizes our freedom and our new strength.” (Photo: WENN)

  • Actress Blanca Blanco chose to stick to an asymmetrical velvety red gown by Atria Clothing with a daring cut-out and leg slit and no Time’s Up pin. Blanco has not commented on her decision to skip the all-black dress code. (Photo: WENN)

  • Meher Tatna, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, donned a long-sleeve red dress with gold floral details. “As part of her Indian culture, it’s customary to wear a festive color during a celebration,” a source told The Wrap. (Photo: WENN)

  • Allison Williams sneaked color into her getup with a strapless Armani Prive gown, featuring orange and beige detailing across the bodice. (Photo: WENN)

  • Mandy Moore’s Rosie Assoulin halter dress featured a pop or red with a think band around her waist, matching her brigh jewelry and lipstick. (Photo: WENN)

  • Kelly Clarkson’s asymmetrical Christian Siriano gown featured a gold striped sleeve and gold detailing on the opposite shoulder. (Photo: WENN)

  • Rita Wilson donned a long sleeve gown featuring firework-like burst of color while walking the red carpet with husband Tom Hanks. (Photo: WENN)

  • “The Greatest Showman” actress Keala Settle donned a Christian Siriano gown with a teal train and neckline. (Photo: WENN)

  • “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” star Alison Sudol donned an off-the-shoulder dress with red flower embellishments on the hips and skirt. (Photo: WENN)

  • Armie Hammer’s wife, Elizabeth Chambers, donned a long-sleeve gown with a light blue sash detail around the waist. (Photo: WENN)

  • Christian Slater’s wife, Brittany Lopez, donned a sleeveless dress with colorful embellished heart and star patches. (Photo: WENN)

  • Steve Carell’s wife, Nancy, donned a dress with multi-color embellishments across the bodice and shoulders. (Photo: WENN)

  • Alexis Bledel’s Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit featured a white bodice. (Photo: WENN)

  • Allison Janney’s Mario Dice dress featured white detailing across the bodice. (Photo: WENN)

  • The Matrix star Laurence Fishburne ditched the usual suit and tie and stood out in a black kimono with a red lining instead and a pair of red shoes. (Photo: WENN)

Not everyone joined the Golden Globes 2018 blackout. Check out all of the fashion rulebreakers at last night’s red carpet. (Photo: WENN)

Last night, the 7th edition of the Golden Globes ceremony turned into a 500-shades-of-black parade. The biggest names in Hollywood took the red carpet wearing all-black in solidarity with the anti-harassment, sexual assault, and abuse movement in their industry.

But not everyone joined the Golden Globes 2018 blackout.

While some celebs managed to sneak color into their getups, others ignored the all-black memo entirely. Click through out photo gallery above to see 15 of the last night’s fashion rulebreakers who either didn’t adhered to the suggested dress code and opted for a colorful look, or simply and more discretely added a pop of fun color to their noir attire!

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