The Blush Era: Kim Kardashian And 15 Other Celebs Who Have Rocked Pink Hair

Yes, Kim Kardashian is a true trend setter—there’s no denying that. But even when she shocked the world over the weekend after revealing she had traded her platinum strands for bright pink locks, truth is Mrs. West’s radical transformation is just another blushed head in showbusiness.

Don’t get us wrong! We love Kim’s new hair—something far more daring and fun than the usual brunette/blonde she’s been doing over the past few years. But there’s been many celebrities who have rocked this cotton candy hue way before Kim decided to go all Barbie on us.

So, no, Kardashian hasn’t initiated the blush era; she has brought it back…at most. Here’s a look back at some celebrities who have dyed their hair pink—from sweet blush tones to bubblegum realness and everything in between.


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