Grab Your Umbrella! 17 Celebrities Walking The Red Carpet Under The Pouring Rain

Do you have any idea of all the work that goes into getting ready to attend the most exclusive events in the entertainment industry? Dress fittings, facials, hair, makeup… After investing so many hours on their grooming rituals, you best believe nothing will stop celebrities from parading down the red carpet—come hell or high water… quite literally.

And we all know that when it rains, it pours. And in these cases, it’s more like, pouring style, all thanks to the always trusty umbrella, which turns out it can be the perfect accessory to even the most sophisticated outfits—if used correctly.

In celebration of Umbrella Day (yes, it’s a thing), we honor the humble accessory that shields us from the elements all year long with a collection of pictures of A-listers walking down the red carpet under the pouring rain, but always protected by, you guessed it, an umbrella!


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