From Young Starlet To Fashion Icon: Dakota Fanning 15 Best Red Carpet Looks

24 never looked so good!

The spotlight is nothing new for Dakota Fanning, who has grown up on the red carpet. But much as her career, Fanning’s style has come a long way since her film debut in “I Am Sam”. In the last 17 years, the young actress has become a fashion darling, stunning the crowd every time she steps into a red carpet.

Her youthful, romantic signature style—always perfectly paired with her iconic blonde locks— prove that Dakota is excellent at styling herself—or at least she’s excellent at picking stylists, which in our book is basically the same thing. So, sorry, Elle, but Dakota deserves the award for most stylish Fanning!

In honor of her 24th birthday, see our picks for Dakota Fanning’s best red-carpet fashion moments.


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