The Best Of The Green Carpet: Our Top 10 Sustainable Dresses Worn By Your Favorite Celebrities

SPOILER ALERT: It’s for a great cause.

From Meryl Streep to Emma Watson, some of your favorite celebrities are clearly slaying every time they hit the red carpet. But here’s something you might not know just by gazing at their gorgeous getup: Their dresses are actually more than just an eye-catching creation.

On many occasions, celebrities choose to make a statement with their looks, proving that you can rock stunning looks that are good for the planet too. It’s called sustainable fashion, and little by little, it has gone form being the exception to the rule to become a staple in the most exclusive event of the entertainment industry.

Whether it is made of eco-friendly or they’re opting for a vintage dress, some celebs are no longer are ditching the whole “dress to impress” motto and instead they seek to use the red carpet as a platform to try and save the planet—one gorgeous sustainable dress at a time.

Because why not be stylish and environmentally friendly at the same time? Celebrating National Earth Day, here are 10 celebrities who are prefer to walk on the green carpet.


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