Miranda Kerr’s Street Style Is Just As Good As If She Had Stepped Down Directly From The Runway

Model Miranda Kerr sure knows how to pick the right outfit for every occasion—even when that occasion is just another night out walking around the streets of Paris, Los Angeles, or New York.

Just as if she had stepped down directly from the catwalks where Miranda rose to international celebrity status, the soon to be mother of two looks effortlessly chic every time she hits the streets.

In honor of her 35th birthday, we look back at some of Miranda’s best street style moments. A jacket casually thrown over the shoulders, big sunnies to hide from the paparazzi’s flashes, and bold graphics to spice her very look are only some of Miranda’s wardrobe staples, so make to take note as you click through our photo gallery above to pick up a thing or two from Miranda Kerr’s iconic street style!


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