Smurf Hair: Kylie Jenner And 11 Other Celebrities Who Have Dared To Go Blue

The Jenner chameleon strikes again. Motherhood hasn’t changed Kylie indecisiveness (or daringness?) when it comes to her hair. And no, this time she hasn’t gone for a bob or a platinum blonde head. She isn’t trying to hide the gray hairs that have come out after her first 30 sleepless nights as a new mom, either.

The youngest of the KarJenn clan has gone back to her early colorful days and is yet again rocking blue hair denim blue hair, as she showed off in a recent (and steaming) series of pictures posted to her Instagram.

And, since everything young Kylie does becomes the hottest trend, it shouldn’t surprise us that Smurf hair overshadows bright pink and becomes the new fashion of 2018 spring/summer season.

Find some inspiration so you too dare to go blue and click through our photo gallery above where Kylie Jenner and 11 other celebrities will show you how to rock out in bright blue hair.


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