Wonder Woman Of Fashion: Gal Gadot’s 12 Best Red Carpet Looks

She’s Wonder Woman on the big screen, in our hearts, and on the red carpet. Gal Gadot is a fashion expert when it comes to making an impression at Hollywood’s most exclusive events.

Since staring in the DC Comic’s film, Gal has been making headlines with her superhero-worthy wardrobe choices along the way. Classy, minimal, and sexy, its only fitting that we celebrate the Israeli-soldier-turned-actress’ style on her special day.

In honor of Gal Gadot’s 33rd birthday, here’s a look back at 12 of her best red carpet looks. From a shimmering gown that reflects her role as Wonder Woman, to a mini dress that highlights her supernatural attributes, something tells us these outfit are something Diana Prince would approve of!

He fierce Amazonian warrior battle outfit falls short next to these stunning dresses!


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