10 Ways To Wear A Pixie Haircut Like Ginnifer Goodwin

Once up on a time, there was a woman who proved that every woman should take the plunge and get a short haircut before you die.

No one does the pixie cut quite like Ginnifer Goodwin. In fact, we’d go so far to say it’s her look. If there ever was a great example of just how versatile a pixie cut can be, Ginnifer Goodwin leads the pack in excellent. From long locks to bold cuts, the Once Upon a Time actress has tackled every look on the short do’s book, making the full-out pixie haircut seem sometimes classic, sometimes bold, but always on trend.

If you too want to get scissor happy and are searching for some celebrity inspiration, look no further than Ginnifer Goodwin! Celebrating her 40th birthday, let’s look back at her hair evolution in 10 pictures. Thank you, Ginnifer, for being or pixie hair muse for the past decade.


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