Way Too Good At Fashion: Sam Smith’s 10 Best Red Carpet Looks

Forget his ability to hit some serious high falsettos— we know we’re not the only ones to think that Sam Smith is one of the best-dressed British men on the international stage (right up there with our boy Harry).

Sleek, stylish, and more-often-than-not suited, Sam follows the way of the English gentleman when it comes to his fashion choices, but he’s never afraid to add a creative edge to his look—whether it is with bold colors, quirky patterns, mixed fabrics, or the always trusty unique pair of shoes for that extra bit of character.

Either way, the man’s got great style.

Oh, won’t you stay with us and check out 10 of Sam Smith’s best red-carpet outfits? Celebrating his 26th birthday, here’s a look back at Sam’s recent style highlights. He’s way too good at goodbyes fashion!


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