The Epitome Of Timeless Beauty: 10 Of Our Favorite Natalie Portman Red Carpet Looks

Long gone is the bob hair with thin bangs and black choker that Natalie Portman rocked in her breakout role as Mathilda in “Leon” over 20 years ago.

Portman’s style has evolved just as much as her career. She went from her rebel-girl attire to become the graceful, elegant swan (pun intended, of course) she is today. Having attended premieres and Hollywood events since she was just a teenager, is needless to say Portman is a total pro on the red carpet.

From architectural masterpieces to classic old Hollywood glamour, to boho-inspired outfits, Portman has had some stand-out red carpet moments. And, in honor of her 37th birthday, here’s a countdown of 10 of her best recent ones.


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