Learn How To Dress Your Curves Like Kat Dennings

The ever-attractive boob sweat, tops being too tight in the bust and baggy everywhere else, the never-ending stares and comments, and the chronic back pain from hell. Being a busty girl seems to be pretty uncomfortable—but not for Kat Dennings.

The “2 Broke Girls” star is not shy when it comes to her blessed pair—and we ain’t talking about her lips. Instead of trying to hide the size of her breasts, Kat has learned to make them her best feature and how to dress her body to accentuate her truly enviable figure.

Low-cuts too risqué for busty girls? Strapless not favorable for big-chested gals? Kat Dennings will teach you how to throw all of those rules out of the window and, instead, learn how to embrace your natural curves.

Celebrating her 32nd birthday, here are Kat Dennings’ 10 best looks on the red carpet that will make you appreciate having big boobs! Welcome to the big titty committee.


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