Pretty Little Fashionista: Lucy Hale’s Style In 10 Pictures

Aria Montogmery’s wardrobe has nothing on Lucy Hale’s!

The Pretty Little Liars star s became known for her style on the show that launched her into international celeb status, but her real-life fashion is even better. After seven glorious seasons of seeking out A, Lucy Hale continues to be quite the fashionista.

If there’s someone who flawlessly illustrates the perfect mix of trendy-meets-edgy-meets wearable, that is the beautiful Lucy. From mini skirt to cocktail dresses to night gowns, the PPL’s star’s fashion game is always strong.

She may be only 5’2”, but Lucy Hale is a huge fashion inspiration!

Celebrating the actress’ 29th birthday, let’s check out some of Lucy Hale’s top fashion moments in our photo gallery above. Let’s go through them one by one, shall we?


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