Real-Life Barbie Dolls: 10 Celebrities Wearing Fiery Pink Dresses

When you think of pink you think of femininity, sexiness, and romanticism. But when *we* think of pink, we think of some of the most beautiful gowns that have ever graced the most exclusive red carpets in Hollywood and the world.

Whether they are models, singers, or stars of the big and small screen, no female celebrity can resist the urge to channel their Barbie girl with a powerful pink gown. And we’re not talking of safe, borderline neutral pale rose dress—but of an audacious, vibrant hot pink dress that only the bravest women can pull off.

In honor of National Pink Day, a holiday that celebrates all thinks pink and what this color represents, here’s a collection of 10 celebrities who have dared to set the red carpet on fiery with the most eye-catching pink hues.


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