10 Pictures That Prove Billie Lourd’s Red Carpet Fashion Comes From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

It’s hard to live up to the awesomeness of a sci-fi, feminist icon such as the Princess Leia. But being the daughter of the woman who made golden bikinis, white robes, and cinnamon buns hair cool, Billie Lourd has proven to be just as fashion savvy as she is a talented actress.

With bold patters, interesting fabrics, and yet classic figures, Billie Lourd’s Star-Wars-meets-Scream-Queens style is an absolute hit every time she steps onto the red carpet. Is like if the fashion force was strong with this one.

Celebrating her 26th birthday, here’s a rundown of Billie’s best fashion moments on Hollywood’s most exclusive events. Click through our photo gallery above and see Lourd’s fashion skills. Some may say her style comes from a galaxy far, far away!


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