A Fashion Icon In The Making: Winnie Harlow’s 10 Best Red Carpet Looks

Just like her legs, the reasons to love Winnie Harlow are endless. Like the fact that vitiligo, the condition that causes patches of the skin to lose their pigment, hasn’t impeded her, but defined her, or that she’s redefining the industry’s beauty standards serving as inspiration to girls who are learning to love and accept their bodies.

And as if those weren’t enough reasons to fall in love with this icon in the making, Harlow also happens to be an absolute red carpet master, despite the fact that first reached prominence when she appeared on America’s Next Top Model only 4 years ago.

Her recent-found fame has catapulted this Canadian beauty into the middle of some of the biggest industry happenings, with Harlow proving her A-status with unique fabrics, bold patters, and the ever-present thigh-high slit to flaunt her toned legs.

In honor of her 24th birthday, here’s a look back at some of Winnie Harlow’s best fashion moments on the red carpet. Click through our photo gallery above to see Harlow proving that her world takeover isn’t over one gown at a time.


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