10 Celebrities Wearing Crop Tops That Are Basically Bras

While most women hate having to wear a bra—you know, because of how impossible it is to find the right size, how freakishly expensive they are, and most importantly, because of their excruciating pain at the end of a long day—these celebrities love the undergarment so much that they have no shame about rocking their intimate wear for everyone to see.

To be fair, technically, these are itsy-bitsy crop tops—but it’s just the extra embellishment and the offensive price tag what sets these bras outside of the lingerie department. Still, these celebs manage to rock them at Hollywood’s most exclusive events and make them look stylish AF.

Of course, when you have their toned abs, it’s no problem to wear these belly-baring ensembles and look amazing while doing so.

Click through our photo gallery above to see 10 celebrities, from new fashion icon Dua Lipa to trend setter Kim Kardashian, who are making the sexy bras the new look of the summer. ‘Cause it’s so hot you don’t need a top!


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