10 Times Dua Lipa Has Proven She’s The Ultimate Millennial Fashion Icon

The only thin cooler than Dua Lipa’s music is her wardrobe.

Whether she’s rocking neon crop top/tracksuit combo or donning an over-the-top pink puffy number, Dua Lipa nails it every time. She wears the brands everyone’s talking about, takes the fashion risks we wish we were brave enough to take, and can rock a bra top unlike any human being on this earth.

If you’re looking for a new fashion icon to fawn over, look no further, for Dua Lipa’s outfits will turn you into an instant fan.

In honor of this British chart-topper’s 23rd birthday, we’ve collected Dua Lipa’s best looks for your perusal. Click through our photo gallery above to see 10 times the popstar sensation has proven she’s the ultimate millennial fashion icon we never knew we needed.


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